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Business Coaching Results

Business Coaching Results - Our Clients Words

Coach Peter draws from his 22 years hands-on senior corporate experience with leading MNC’s to ensure Business Coaching Results. By distilling best practices into easy-to-implement steps for SME’s, business coaching results are almost guaranteed. Coupled with our proprietary C.A.S.T.L.E. Framework and his over 15 years coaching experience, Coach Peter has helped dozens of  Business Owners and Entrepreneurs scale up their business and reach new heights in their respective industries. Here are some of our clients’ feedback…


Jimmy Teong

TS Motorcycles & Machineries S/B

Massive action leads to tremendous business results

“Before the coaching I had many business (growth) promotion ideas also – But I never implemented any of them!  But now after being coached by Peter, I am implementing one business growth strategy almost every week! It’s not only a step- by-step detailed planning. It’s also about empowering, mindset and sharing. The impact on my business is tremendous!”


Frederick Siew

The Wall Gallery Sdn Bhd

Business Up Over 100%…

“Our sales for 2012 increased over 100%. And I beat a competitor for a major job. I would recommend this program to business owners who are willing to really change the way they do business.”

Lim Cheng Jeen, General Manager

Offshore-CPI Supply Sdn Bhd

“Peter is an experienced corporate man who brings to his coaching sessions his vast store of wisdom and experience. Likeable and of good demeanour and trustworthiness, Peter is able to make me draw out my problems to him enabling good coaching sessions.”


Yuen-Li Chan, Managing Director

Nomad Adventure Sdn Bhd

“Coach Peter is excellent at coaching SME business owners who have passion for their work to get them to be more methodical and systematic, and thus ensure the long term sustainability of their business.”


Ahyat Ishak, Executive Director


Control of My Time

“Coach Peter helped me tremendously in the area of time management so that I can be more effective at work and open up valuable time for my precious family. He is relentless at helping you achieve your goals. Thanks Coach Peter!”


P.L. Bay, Managing Director

Inetol Innovation Sdn Bhd

A ready-to-implement, month-by-month Profit Plan

“Previously, I just think of what I want, never written down in detail. Now, I understand and have a clearer picture of my goals and I can work out a profit plan step by step”


Andrew Yap

AM Theme Works Sdn Bhd

Proven Strategies to build your profit

“Over the last 9 months, our REVENUES more than DOUBLED and we rewarded ourselves with the best bonus ever.”

Chan Yuen Li, Managing Director

Nomad Adventure Sdn Bhd

Growth – Change – Systems – Results

“Coach Peter Lam has brought about subtle yet profound changes that have led to incredible results. Our revenue has increased by 50%, but more importantly our profits have jumped more than 12 times than the plateau of the previous 3 years. However, by far the most significant changes have been in my attitude towards the business and in my ability to lay down the systems that will enable us to explode our growth even further.”

Muralidhar Kaja, Certified Business Coach


“Coach Peter is a brilliant Business Coach. I had the honor of his company for 3 days at the Action Coach Regional Conference in Gold Coast, Australia. He
is a coach with rich corporate experience and has given me valuable insights to grow my Coaching Business. Courtesy Coach Peter, I could expand my client base to 9 from 4. I would strongly recommend Coach Peter to anyone who is serious about growing his business.”