Unlocking the Code to Maximum Performance

Maximise your potential and get more done every day!

Do you wish your team were more productive, instead of wasting time and running around unproductively? Are they slow to respond and over-whelmed? Do you wish they would work smarter, achieve more and have more energy and enthusiasm?

One of the most common Productivity problems is that people are constantly distracted rather than focused and proactive. This workshop teaches participants to be more effective and productive while having less stress…


“If we want to manage time like a President, this workshop is a must.”

 ~ Jimmy Teong, TS Motorcycle & Machinery S/B


“Realized that I spent too much time on the running of business than being GM and casting vision as Owner & strategies as bigger picture for my company …”

~ Bob Lay, cCubeTV

“This is a powerful workshop that will help us to get organize, well plan and be productive by having a good Time and Energy Management strategies.”

~ Danny Ng, Tanasa Flooring S/B

“Good material, great delivery. Just right, not too heavy, not too light …”

~ Kuay Kim Chuan, DELL Computers

“Before this workshop, I always not able to complete my task on time, always spillover to following day. Now I learn to prioritize my BIG ROCK, apply 80/20 rules to achieve the desired result and learn to be assertive.”

~ Chee Cheng Han, Accountant