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How Business Coaching Can Help Klang Valley Businesses Prosper

Tired of seeing your Sales yo-yo up and down? Or worse, seeing your sales nose-dive in these uncertain and challenging times?  Not making enough profit because of high costs and stiff price competition? Stressed up because your team is not functioning well? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s how Business Coaching Can Help Klang Valley Businesses Prosper…

At Pelican Concepts, we help you Double Your Sales and Profits. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’ve coached over 100 different industries to go from so-so to HO-HO and from Good to Great.

The 5 Powerful Benefits Of Business Coaching For Klang Valley Companies

Business Coaching is a highly skilled professional business service that supports entrepreneurs and business owners in a highly personalized and systematic way to guide clients to higher levels of business success.

At Pelican Concepts, we provide you with:

  1. A Customized Business Success Strategy and Implementation Blueprint
  2. Personal guidance, education and mentoring
  3.  Accountability for Action and Implementation
  4. Right Focus – Funnel Focus
  5. Sounding Board and Resource


  1. Customized Business Success Strategy and Implementation Blueprint

One of the very first things you will get as a coaching client of Pelican Concepts is a comprehensive and in-depth diagnosis of the current state of your business. It’s kind of like a medical doctor checking your vital signs. We will study the industry, the business, the company, the leader, its people, its capabilities and opportunities, working step-by-step to achieve the desired goals.

From this in-depth review of your business, the coach will work with you to craft an initial action plan. Coaching begins therefrom focusing on implementation week by week.

Results are tracked along the way and reviewed with the client as necessary. At Pelican Concepts we do not believe in ‘one-off fixes’ but a marriage – a long-term commitment on both sides.  It’s a partnership founded on understanding and building a relationship, embracing common goals. The coaching relationship involves continuous involvement and understanding, and working together to achieve the desired business performance of our clients.

  1. Personal Guidance, education and mentoring

We do not just teach, we coach.  Coaching involves a transference of skills and knowledge. Remember teaching is passive and probably forgotten once you are out of the classroom.  Coaching is experiential and applies beyond the “coaching room”. As the client is guided on the implementation of various strategies into their business, he or she receives coaching and guidance on that particular topic or area. Tools and templates may also be provided as appropriate to facilitate implementation.

Each coaching session also helps the client overcome challenges and obstacles they may face in the course of business or in the implementation of agreed strategies.

  1. Accountability for implementation and Execution

Our clients often tell us we’re the “police for the police”! The Founder(s) usually do not have a Board of Directors to hold them accountable – to do what they said and keep to deadlines. One of the unwritten roles of the Business Coach is to hold clients accountable to commitments and taking action as agreed. This alone will get you to do more (of the right things) in three to six months than you normally would in one or even two years! Obviously, the results will show from there.

  1. Right Focus – Funnel Focus

Business is dynamic. As Business Owners, new situations, new suppliers, new products, and a whole host of other distractions confront us everyday. Our job as a Coach is to make sure you stay focused on your goals, the agreed strategy and action plan. I call it “Funnel Focus”.

Too often business owners get distracted or seduced by the latest “flavor of the month” and veer off-track, only to realize later that they’ve lost a few precious months!

  1. Sounding Board and Resource

Entrepreneurs and business people have a new idea everyday – some good, some great, but many so-so …

Having an experienced independent Business Coach to brainstorm with and bounce ideas can save you a lot of time, and more importantly save you from a lot of costly mistakes and setbacks. The coach is your trusted adviser, not a yes-man. He can be counted on to tell it as it is – protecting your best interest. You may not always like what you hear, but usually you’ll appreciate the insights and the “blind-spots” that are brought to your realization.


The Critical Components of Business Coaching……

Analyze & Audit + Strategize & Plan + Implement & Train + Personal Guidance + Results Tracking


Your next step….

If you feel Business Coaching is exactly what you’re looking for or that it could be right for you, then take the next step. Just click on the box and request a Free Consultation. Don’t wait another moment, Do it Now and make a real difference in your business! See you on the other side!

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